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Songwriters' Journal

June 14 2022 Tracking and Gigging


Immediately after getting the dog spayed, we basically left her unattended at home for a couple days.  We travelled to see my niece's graduation and picked up a show the night before.


After scribbling loose instructions for a dog-sitting friend, we left for Chapel Hill this past Friday.  First stop was: Imbibe....a little venue in the university area.  We set up in time for a quick supper from their excellent kitchen. During our meal, Jason the bartender filled us in on the local scene while spinning Grand Funk Railroad and Culture Club on the house turntable.


Minutes before showtime, my family showed up and secretly freaked me out. Having never taken the stage in front of my brother's family, I found myself a bit more uptight than expected.  Naturally, to the onlooker, all appeared super cool, but it took a bit to unwind. 


After finishing the crisp set of folk rock masterworks, and failing to take an opportunity to noodle on Imbibe's house Yamaha organ, we crashed at my brother's place. The next day, we went to the graduation.

We returned home to find the dog alive, so we resumed recording this week. 


The sweet tones of borrowed gear.  The recording process has been interesting, as we have been settling into a live-in-studio kind of vibe. BP


May 31 2022 Tracking Songs

I decided to carry a camera on one of our recent trips to the farmers' market.  Kelley and I were walking near the picnic tables when a woman shouted.


"Excuse me, but.....why?" she asked.  I had been pointing my camera at a large collection of identical little red wagons, and she was wondering how I could possibly find them interesting.    


People do a lot of strange stuff, and some if it passes as ordinary behavior.  Maybe a selfie stick would have made me look more normal.


The answer I should have given is that I find creative processes to be a constructive way of reacting to my environment. That's part of the motivation behind music-making too.


So the little family band is tracking some tunes. Don't panic.  Everything is normal. We'll keep you updated. -Brodie


Early May 2022 Happy Valley Filling Station Road Trip

With an aim to keep music enthusiasts updated on our activities, we welcome you to the first installment of our songwriters' journal. 


We decided to take a road trip to the area in and around Lenoir, NC to catch up with Michael Wilson Knowles.  Michael is a songwriter and performer living there, and, among other things he occasionally hosts songwriter get-togethers.  


We found him setting up in the Happy Valley Filling Station alongside his friend and collaborator, Myra Hardin McDaniel.  


They played clever originals and covers with washboard accompaniment.  Truth be told, Kelley and I had enjoyed a few beers at a nearby eatery, so we showed up with songs in our hearts. Somehow, a washboard seemed to fit right in with the flow of things. Michael and Myra's sounds further enhanced our moods.


After Kelley and I performed a fun set, Kay Crouch entertained us with some Nanci Griffith tunes.


It was a privilege to meet some artists for the first time as well as reunite with old friends.  

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